About This Site

This site searches eBay for misspelled items.

How to Use This Site

Simply choose which eBay you would like to search by clicking on the appropriate flag or choosing which eBay you would like to search from the dropdown, and then type the correct spelling of the item you are looking for into the search box.
For example you could type in Samsung. After you have clicked the "Search" button you will see a list of all available auctions that contain every single possible misspelling and typo of that word. Click on the auction and place a bid and keep an eye on it until it's close to the end.
There are various options that you can use to refine your search to find the ultimate bargain!:

Search Type: This determines the type of search carried out, 'Misspellings' searches for typos and misspellings etc., 'normal' searches for correctly spelt items and will return more results.

Min Price and Max Price: Minimum and Maximum Price, these determine the price range that you wish to search for.

Include correct spelling: When this is checked, the original spelling of the item will be included in the search results. So the search will find misspelled and correctly spelled items.

PayPal Only: When this is checked, only items that accept PayPal as their purchase method will be shown

Buy-It-Now Only: When this is checked, only items that have the buy-it-now option available will be shown.

Exclude Junk: The Junk Filter scans auction titles for words and phrases commonly associated with scams or otherwise misleading auctions on eBay. This includes phrases like "this is not" or "too good to be true". If finds these words or phrases, the listing is removed from search results.

Search Title AND Description: When this is checked, the description of the item will also be searched for your keyword. (Returns more results)

Exclude Accessories: When this is checked, common accessories such as covers, leads and cases will be removed from the search results.

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